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Le Grenier

275 sq.m. 10 to 16 guests





A magical venue graced with undeniable authenticity, “Le Grenier” stands atop La Ferme des Lombardes, offering a breathtaking 360-degree panorama over the majestic Vallée des Aravis.

Blending modern trend and traditional woodwork that is a staple of Haute-Savoie, Le Grenier is an invitation invites you to abandon yourself to dreaminess and good spirit. This is the place where friendliness and a spirit of sharing mix up for joyful reunions with friends or family.

The The reading room, music and sound rooms provide you with soothing comfort in the cocooning spirit of old yesteryear mountain lodges.

After a heartwarming dinner and daydreaming by the chimney, the upper floor.

Après un bon souper et quelques rêveries au coin du feu, the spacious upper floor walkway will lead you very comfy rooms decorated with taste by the mistress of the place. A kid’s heaven, the dorm room has nothing to envy with its six beds, a sure recipe for unrestrained laughters!

Professional gatherings and seminars will also find themselves at home in this spacious and gorgeous interior thriving in warm, cordial, and team-oriented environment.

Services included in your rental

Breakfast and dinners prepared by our chef Vincent
House staff

On-demand services

Chef's Lunch Meals
Wines and alcohols
Airport transfers (Geneva, Lyon, Marseille)

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