Inspired by Nature & made with Love

You are cocooned

Each and every experience is rare, each and every customer is unique, that is why we pay great attention to the minute details and do everything to ensure you get the best a chalet has to offer, making your dreams come true. Ask the impossible!


At last, live the experience that matches who you are!

The past few years have enabled us to share with you our dream finally come true. What an adventure! We are proud to have welcomed you in our warm and authentic universe, with your family and friends. We have seen your kids grow and have laughed with them. We have listened carefully to your stories. And the pleasure remains intact to this day. The shared moments around Vincent’s dishes, a good cup of coffee or a glass of wine stay in our memories. A thousand thank yous for your smiles, your giggles and your fidelity. 

- Danielle

Inspired by Nature & made with Love